Es una investigación que permite acceder a una muestra representativa y robusta de la población en Colombia. Ofrece responder inquietudes importantes para su negocio que no justifican una investigación por sí sola.

Con QUIDBS recibirá información relacionada con:

– Consumo

– Categorías Hábitos y actitudes

– Presencia de marcas (Pantry Check)

– Imagen y posicionamiento de marcas

– Recordación e impacto publicitario

Muestra real garantizada y veraz:

1000 entrevistas personales en hogares con un margen de error del 3,1% para un nivel de confianza del 95%.


Entrevistas personales en hogares.

Grupo Objetivo:

Hombres y mujeres mayores de 18 años, proporcional por […]

They are the leaders called to lead

A consumer products company with a strong market leadership and high household penetration, which for many years developing a defense strategy creating a slow revenue growth and stagnation in the category.

Por lo anterior se le exigió retomar un estrategia agresiva de crecimiento en Volumen.

Incentivar el aumento del consumo Volumétrico de la categoría y quedarse con la mayor parte del mismo.

Diagnosticamos a profundidad ( cualitativo y cuantitativos) el mercado, encontrando los detonantes y barreras de consumo, Hábitos , creencias , comportamientos no consientes y actitudes hacia las marcas. Obteniendo un Gran Volumen y variedad de información

Se definió la variable gestionar y […]

From diagnosis to effective action


Important financial institution in the country, has periodic measurements of satisfaction that allow you to monitor its performance against its competitors, wants to develop new skills, to meet competitive advantage and return consumer variables that positively impact the business.

Strengthen customer relationships and increase the likelihood of impact on the business variables.

Multivariate statistical models were developed to determine the relationship and impact of satisfaction indicators in the business variables.

We Identify indicators to manage and recommendations were given to concentrate efforts and resources.


Actionable and strategic information that positively […]

Knowing our customers better

public / private company that represents the interests of the business sector and society in general that promotes economic growth in the city, makes ineffective campaigns for selling their products and services, thus identifies the need to execute the process in a better way to increase their sales .

Increase the contact effectiveness and relationship with its customers in order to potentiate its value offer through its portfolio of products and services.

We consolidate and structure the large volumes of information from different sources within the company a Client segmentation model were developed from neural networks.

Taking up the market

A case of global success, a similar Brand positioning strategy to regain leadership in its category.

This brand was born as a specialized menstrual cramps analgesic, years later the competition appeared with a similar strategy but with better distribution, so our client began to lose relevance until ceded market share against its main competitor.

Expand Brand space to allow entry into new categories in the future.
Increase the level of relevance to support the development of new products
Increase the level of distinction.
Increase market share.

Identify emotional aspects that allow the brand to grow.
We create the projection […]

Winning the preference of the audience and the advertiser

Research and consulting were the ingredients of the success, a recognized television channel company.

This company had lost audience leaderhip as well as advertiser preference to its competitor .

Increase the level of preference and audience of the channel.
Aligning the organization / improve decision-making processes.
Build a value proposition for advertisers not only based on cost x rating points.
Development of relevant content for the audience.

We diagnose and develop a value proposal for the audience and advertisers.
the principles of Brand positioning were developed.
CANAL policies were established to align decisions between areas.

The preference went from […]

What we really are

Change target, focus, develop, increase the perceived value: a case of successful branding.

After having companies in different regions but managing the same Brand, this company happened to have a unified administration and focused on the target road transporters, although they had little presence in cities, particularly away from the driver.

Make show everything they have to offer
Enter the lubricants higher price differentiated market.
Increase the participation of private markets segment.

We diagnosed and developed the principles of brand positioning.
Communication and activation campaigns were adjusted.
Guidelines for visual expression change occurred.
Guidelines for the launch of new products […]

We are not automated teller machines

The repositioning of a brand should impact business results: a success in the financial sector.

This organization is the result of the merger of several companies, which together attending 15 different target audiences, with at least 20 services / projects, grouped into 6 business units or sub companies, this caused confusion about the products and services different customers. Each had biased information about the vision, mission and value proposition offered by this company.

Expand brand positioning.
Having a relevant value proposal per unit and join a global one.
Adjust the visual expression of the brand to communicate the […]