A case of global success, a similar Brand positioning strategy to regain leadership in its category.

This brand was born as a specialized menstrual cramps analgesic, years later the competition appeared with a similar strategy but with better distribution, so our client began to lose relevance until ceded market share against its main competitor.

Expand Brand space to allow entry into new categories in the future.
Increase the level of relevance to support the development of new products
Increase the level of distinction.
Increase market share.

Identify emotional aspects that allow the brand to grow.
We create the projection of the brand strategy into the future to take advantage of growing territories.
Adjust the value proposition of the brand to keep it strong without losing their current consumers.
Develop new communication schemes that will connect with the audience activation that will

Increased sales by 15% vs. the previous year (2013/2014).
Retakes the leadership in market share from 44% to 47%.
case global success.

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