The repositioning of a brand should impact business results: a success in the financial sector.

This organization is the result of the merger of several companies, which together attending 15 different target audiences, with at least 20 services / projects, grouped into 6 business units or sub companies, this caused confusion about the products and services different customers. Each had biased information about the vision, mission and value proposition offered by this company.

Expand brand positioning.
Having a relevant value proposal per unit and join a global one.
Adjust the visual expression of the brand to communicate the DNA of the company.

BrandStrat, diagnosed and developed value propositions (Attributes benefits) for the global enterprise and for each unit.

We achieved y clarity, synergy in supply and a harmonious image among them to build positioning.

Additionally the visual expression of the brand was adjusted to support the new proposal

The usage level of business clients of the services of this ATM line, rose from 6% in 2012 to 12% in 2014.
Development of new products, increased sales of different business units to Core.

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