BrandStrat has Strategic Partners in each of the countries of Latin America, which allows customers to have a single contact to coordinate regional projects.


The organization has staff of 30 people and expandability in operational areas according to the needs of the projects. We have interdisciplinary teams with experience in Research and Marketing.

Focus Group Room – Traditional Structured

It requires the analysis group to be focus on an assessment of specific elements that need higher level of concentración. It has a large table for 12 people, synthesizer sound with two microphones, microphones (1 omnidirectional or environmental and other special condenser to record vocals attendees), Full HD camera with resolution 1600 * 900, projection curtain and flip chart

Focus Group Room – Un – Structured

Resembles a common room of a home, getting down defenses of respondents. It has 3 sofas, a coffee table, LCD 32 “Full HD camera with resolution 1600 * 900.

Room Closed Circuit

Conference room

It has its facilities with a conference room and / or training, with capacity for 30 people, fully equipped for training; TV, Backdrop projection and flip chart.


Analysis Area

operations Area

Call center area

Pre audit area and analysis of information