¿What is a BSQUID omnibus study?

It is research that provides access to a robust and representative sample of the population in Colombia. It provides important answers for your business that do not justify an investigation alone.

With BSQUID you will receive information related to

– Consumption

– Categories Habits and Attitudes

– Brand presence

– Image and brand positioning

– Remembrance and advertising impact

Truthful guaranteed and actual sample:

1000 face to face interviews in households with a margin of error of 3.1% for a confidence level of 95%.


Personal interviews in households.


Men and women over 18 years proportional by sex, age and NSE, eight major cities.




– A Powerpoint slide with total results.

– An Excel file with Various Opening Aggregate results.

For more information about the study, costs and the dates of completion and delivery of results, write to mercadeo@brandstrats.sg-host.comm.