2002 Born BrandStrat, with a new approach that adds strategy to market research. Among the companies that believe in this new approach are Team Group, Bavaria and Success.

2005 Diagnoses and orients brand strategy as Terpel, Caracol Tv and Fruco.

2006 Develops behavior labs as unique market research techniques.

2011 imultaneously implemented measurements for neuroscience and advertising research Eyetrack.
2012 Launches management system knowledge MindBS.

2014 Initiates the development of own research to measure market trends, currently published in the newspaper La Republica.

2015 In partnership with the CESA, launches the first assessment study experience in bank branches, CX Banking.

2016 Standardizes the use of robust digital tools in market research.

2020 Consolidating its higher purpose “inspire actions that generate progress to society.”

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