In BrandStrat we go beyond market research, we transform data in valuable information for our clients.
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BET   BEST Brand Equity Track – Tracking Capital Brand (Brand Equity) & positioning

BKI    Input Key Brand Studies – to approach brand strategy

BXA   Brand Extension Analysis – Development and evaluation of online extensions

Analysis of Corporate Reputation

Brand architecture analysis

IBE    (Impact Branding execution) – Pre Test Advertising + Neurometrics

Contact BS     A DIFFERENT assessment of media

CODE     Studies for development communication concepts

Advertising tracking study

Casting test + Neuro Metrics

Design Evaluation – pack and label + Neuro Metrics

Name Assessment + Neuro Metrics

Slogan Assessment + Neuro Metrics

Identification and development of Archetypes and brand personality.

CEM     CEM Customer Experience Management Customer Experience Measurement.

PDAII     PDAII satisfaction and loyalty research

Mystery Customer Audit Service

Analysis of needs and unmet expectations

EstruQtural   Consumer Holistic Study; Habits + psycho segmentation – volumetric.

DEEP   DEEP Insights Analysis Understanding the deepest needs of consumers with categories

-Segmentation analysis
-Purchase habits and use
-Brand Adoption Studies
-Consumer behavior Changes from product relaunch
-Evaluation Of price elasticity / price sensitivity
-Ethnographic -Studies
-Anthropological -tour
-Evaluation Promotions