Work philosophy

1.Because of our meaningful approach: We want the research results to generate significant impact on the organization, by being a consultant, a strategist and a researcher.

2. Because of our continuous innovation in methodologies

3. Because of our multiple business unit support: high skilled people from different areas to enhance investigations’ results.

4. Because of our way of working: The pursuit of the strategic business insight for our customers.

Quality Policies

According to reliable and on-time analyzed information, Brand Strat advises the process of decision making by improving, monitoring strategies and identifying business opportunities. We always use best practices and research area ethic’s codes.

We have teams of trained and  versatile leaders who perform excellent processes always looking for continuous improvement, exceeding the expectations of our customers, contributing to meeting the goals of profitability to satisfy the welfare of all members of the organization.


We are an ad-hoc (custom) solutions company born in 2002 with strong experience to support our clients in their strategic decisions. Key customers:

Principal clients

See here the full list of our customers.